I am the proud the proud grandma to Khailo, who is 8 years old and mom to Anastacia, Mariah and Gabriel.

I was raised in a large Hispanic family. My mother, Carolina, refused to speak English to me, or my 12 siblings.  My brothers and sisters all spoke English to each other and spoke Spanish to our Mother.  I believe our scenario could easily be the definition of a bilingual immersion family. Being bilingual has been extremely beneficial to me in so many ways. I couldn’t list them all.  I’ve benefited in both in my personal and professional life.  Those benefits continue to reveal themselves to this day.


I’ve been working on my bilingual books since my grandson Makhailo was born in 2012.  I really wanted this little blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy to speak Spanish.  I wanted to create books that parents, caregivers and educators could integrate into everyday activities by reinforcing Spanish words to English speaking children that identify things, people and places that a child sees every day. Bilingual Bunny Books are designed to use as a daily teaching tool for our little ones who are excited about learning a second language.  Bilingual Bunny is currently introducing our first series of books in Spanish. Please check back regularly for new additions.  Future releases in the Bilingual Bunny series will feature books in several languages. 

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